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Recording: We have a recording studio with the latest technology in reference to hardware and software. We have teams dedicated to capture the audio and maintaining the unaltered original quality. Otherwise, we have the appropriate acoustic treatment, in the recording booth and the control booth, all installed in a comfortable atmosphere, air-conditioned and is comfortable to the auditory system, without casting to the side, the human factor in reference to personal treatment, capacity and experience, that is based on our experience. Our studio is exclusively dedicated to the recording of soloists, acoustic instruments, orchestras, groups and bands of the Christian genre.

Arrangements: Orchestration and contracting of musicians: with the psalmist in mind that desires to arrange and have orchestrated his own compositions or simply brings the idea with a harmonic instrument, sheet music or their own homemade recording. We believe that the ideas have no limits, so furthermore we are not lacking in resources and we can adapt the production to all types of budgets. We work the musicalization and concepts of each theme in total co-participation with the author-composer. Our idea is to capture your idea, originally as possible. We work from programming with virtual instruments of extreme reality and quality, to contracting of seasoned musicians, covering the need that each production requires our staff of seasoned musicians ranges from soloist instruments (drum, base guitar, electric guitars, nylon and acoustic, percussion, etc.) to sessions of brass, strings, woodwinds and choirs (pop and classical).

Composition: Our team writes exclusive themes for interpreters of the sacred music. We count with the objective and experience of a reference of works realized in various pats of the world. The idea is to exploit to the max the artistic essence that varies in each individual. That’s why we work with previous outlines of music and words, seeking carefully that they adapt to each artist. No matter where they are located, today, via the internet, sending and receiving samples to any part of the world is very simple. The compositions will be worked until the artist is totally convinced and comfortable with each composition we make.

Mixing: We also work with projects already pre-recorded in your home studio or in other studios. We will edit, fine tune and correct errors in the recording. Just the same, we put at your disposition processors of optimum quality, to review audio takes already digitally recorded and give it an analogical quality through pre auditing of Class A and optic compressors. Making available all our library of plug-in of native software, to mix or remix your project. In many cases we work the mixing in co-participation with other studios, obtaining a diagram of integral work in virtue of your project.

Mastering: The final stage of a production is where we can achieve a uniform, calm sound in all of the themes of the compact disc. We masterize works realized in our studio or in a home studio. We have in our disposition all the equipment necessary to complete this process that many artists have neglected many times. When the need arises, we work in conjunction with different engineers of mastering and in diverse cases with engineers dedicated specifically to this process of finalizing the production.