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      Redemption Recording

This is an entity totally founded on Christian principles. Our contribution to sacred music began, in Bethesda Church where we took the first steps of faith under the leadership of Rev. Pedro Gonzales. From the year 1982 we began to organize musical events in the cities of Santurce, Guaynabo, Bayamon and Caguas, Puerto Rico. Later we extended ourselves to the length and width of all Puerto Rico.

As these events developed, we were convinced that sacred music, Urban and Tropical are an effective element for the strengthening of the family, the same has provided a healthy entertainment and the capacity to attract in only one event, great quantities of youth to hear a positive message. Our goal has been and still is, to take a message of hope with events directed toward strengthening the family and the propagation of the gospel.

Towards the middle of 2008 with a more defined focus, Redemption Recording Studios is birthed in the city of Jacksonville. With the same vision we have brought the message of hope to the city of Jacksonville with the evangelistic concerts, named, “Rendered” and “Sowing in to Maria Soto. Families in the area and people of all ages had the opportunity to unite in one sole event to enjoy music that proclaims the gospel.

In response to the great need of reaching the Latin community with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we recognize our responsibility in the fulfillment of the Great Commission given (Mathew 28:19); by complementing, the work of the church in the proclamation of the message of Jesus Christ in the city of Jacksonville, Florida and in adjacent areas. Responding to the call of God, we have given ourselves to the task of acquiring, operating in and spreading the word of God by manner of communications like; radio, internet, amongst others, and through the organization of special events that add to our vision and further enhancing the spiritual welfare and family life in our city.

In Redemption Recording, we are totally dedicated to reaching the excellence worthy of our Lord Jesus Christ. This, your recording studio, is birthed from a vision of years ago, of being able to have a place dedicated to God, where we can record praises that will caress the ears of our beloved Lord Jesus. We know that this studio will be of a great blessing for many children of God who will see clearly a great opportunity to realize their dreams and be able to proper their ministry.

Receive strength and power from the Almighty. Our desire is that God use you in each step that you take. It’s our prayer that we can be a blessing to your ministry and to each person that we can reach with your musical material that God has placed in your hands. Psalmist of God, we wait for you so that together we can capture your praises in a digital format to reach those who do not know him yet.

God Bless You,

Your brother in Christ,